$1000 – Question?

February 27, 2009

I was asked last night, if I were given $1000 a month. How would I invest it?

I would love to know what would you do?? Would love to hear some ideas!



February 26, 2009

The idea is to try and find ETFs with the maximum Momentum and Relative Strength.

This approach does not seem to work effectively with stocks as the volatility, over all market conditions and insider information could bring down a healthy stock in a short time. In other words it does not  seem to be a gradual process. These quick out bursts require constant round the clock monitoring.

Where as (as all of you know) when a ETF moves it means a particular industry/commodity/currency etc is showing strength.

I personally feel more comfortable with ETFs. This allows me the luxury to spend only a few minutes a day on trading.

I would rather be on the Golf Course!


February 25, 2009

TNA: This turned out to be a nice day trade

Entry: $16.66
Exit: $18.42

Profit: 10.56%

Stoploss – 24.Feb.2009

SKF – 181.79 – 14.90%
RFN – 60.34 – (-9.97%)

I left a lot of money on the table with SKF, and also lost money on RFN which could have been a profitable trade. I still haven’t lost faith in my method, as the key is to be able to do this with minimum amount of work. I am hoping I can trade with 5 to 10 min of work a day.

Work of Art

February 21, 2009

The Big Four Bear Markets

Source: dshort.com

One of the best charts I have seen in a long time giving us a macro perspective. May be we need to sit back and wait.

Big Day

February 19, 2009

Today was another historic day in the making. I can’t stress enough the importance of placing a stops. Today was a perfect example. Four of my five stop losses kicked in today. YES! I did leave some money on the table. But I think I have dogged a huge downside and locked in decent profits. Amounts where my stop losses  kicked in today.

  • DTO    234.02
  • SCO    53.68
  • SLV    13.82
  • DEE    95.76

My portfolio seems to good to be true. But it is real and simple, check the history I have been making posts before time.

You can find all related posts to “ETF Portfolio here.


February 19, 2009


The stop loss kicked in today, thus I am out SLV at $13.80.

I will update the performance page later.


February 19, 2009

As expected we will see a bounce today. Though I was tempted to I did not buy any SRS yesterday.

My stop for DTO is 6.6% below, so that I do not miss any upside.

I might sell SLV, I feel it is loosing its mojo.

Next on the list: DGP