DOW Jones Daily

The most anticipated event of the year has gone by, but the markets haven’t really cheered on. Expecting the markets to ignore underlying weakness in the economy might be unreasonable. What has to happen will happen….

But what can you and I do about it?? If you take a look at the DOW, we can’t help but notice that the 10.Oct and 21.Nov lows seem to be holding well. The volume doesn’t seem to be exhibiting panic when the DOW dipped below 8000 in Jan.2009. I feel it is time to slowly inch our way back into the market. A scaling approach might prove to be profitable. For those of us who have been sitting on the sidelines in Money Markets, this could be a good time to start “dipping”.

I have been and will continue to keep buying everytime the DOW goes below 8000. I will expose only 5% to 6% of my portfolio at a time and wait and watch. I have been using the same strategy in my retirement account as well. Let me make it very clear, I am not in pursuit to fish the bottom.


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